Self Assessment

Self Assessment.

We specialise in the submission of self assessment tax returns on behalf of landlords and we have been providing this service for over 12 years.

Costs & Fees.

  • The cost of compiling and submitting one tax return based on one property is just £75 or £125 for two tax returns if the property is jointly owned.
  • An additional £25 is charged for each additional property in the portfolio.
  • For example, the cost of submitting two tax returns for 3 jointly owned properties would be just £175.

The Process.

  • If you are not currently registered for self-assessment and do not have a current UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number we can complete the registration process on your behalf at no extra cost.
  • An information pack is provided to ensure that all  relevant allowances are claimed against rental income.
  • A questionnaire is supplied by email which is completed and returned by email. The tax return is compiled from the information supplied on the questionnaire or from the clients own property spreadsheets if appropriate.
  • Tax Landlord does not require to see any original documents.
  • The completed tax return is forwarded by email for checking and authorisation by the client before submitting on line to HMRC by Tax Landlord.

The tax return service includes advice, guidance and clarification on any tax issues that affect your personal circumstances and is included as part of the cost for the submission of the tax return.

If you wish clarification on any issues regarding the tax return or you wish us to provide this service, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email at