2021-22 self assessment tax returns from just £59

Tax Landlord provide a UK Landlord Self Assessment Tax Return Service.

Why choose Tax Landlord? What is the cost?

Tax Landlord are experts in the field of taxation for UK residential property landlords. We focus solely on landlords unlike mainstream accountants and charge a substantially lower fee. Tax returns are completed from just £59 and we provide a quality premium service in the preparation and submission of your self assessment tax return.

Key service features from Tax Landlord:

  1. Expertise and specialist knowledge in a number of specific areas including the extremely significant home office expenditure costs and allowances. Do not accept the minimum HMRC recommended allowances. A typical claim for a home office or study in a family house can be anywhere between £500 and £1000.
  2. Advice on using a Trust Declaration to ensure that a partner/spouse personal allowance or lower tax banding is fully utilised to significantly reduce any tax payable.
  3. Specialist knowledge in claiming rental business start up allowances and expenditure costs.

Further information is available on the self assessment page.


Tax Landlord guarantee to beat all genuine quotes.

Tax Landlord provide a Uk Landlord Self Assessment Tax Return Service

Compare our fees with the fees you are currently being charged by your accountant. Why give away your rental income by paying excessive accountant fees.

Tax Landlord guarantee to beat any genuine quote for completing your tax return.

A tax return with one property is just £59 with an additional £25 for each rental property

For example – a sole owner with three properties would be just £109.

The cost for two tax returns for joint owners of one rental property is £99 with an additional £25 for each property.

For example – joint owners with three rental properties the cost is £149.

Please send email to paul@taxlandlord.com requesting further details regarding our tax return service.


Trust Declaration Questions from Tax Landlord 

Q: Can I save tax using a Trust Declaration?

A: Yes.There are substantial tax savings to be made by utilising a Trust Declaration.

Q: I jointly own a property with my wife. Can we agree that all the rental income is apportioned to herself and not split 50/50?

A: Yes. A Trust Declaration will allow all the rental income to be allocated to your wife.

Q: I own a property in my sole name and I am a higher rate tax payer. My husband pays tax at the lower rate. Can I allocate all the rental income to my husband?

A: Yes. A Trust Declaration will allow you to allocate all your rental income to your husband despite the fact that you are the sole owner of the property. Please see the information regarding Settlements Legislation.

Q: Can I use a Trust Declaration to allocate rental income to another family member?

A: Yes. A Trust Declaration can be utilised to allocate rental income to any family member.

Q: Do I have to notify Land Registry ?

A: No. You are not changing the actual ownership of the property.
You are agreeing the beneficial interest and thereby apportioning the rental income.

Q: Is a Trust Declaration acceptable to HMRC?

A: Yes. A Trust Declaration is acceptable to HMRC.
Reference HMRC Trust, Settlements and Estates Manual TSEM 9520.

Q: How much does it cost and how do I obtain a Trust Declaration ?

A: The Trust Declaration costs just £39 from Tax Landlord.
Please send email to paul@taxlandlord.com requesting further information regarding the service.