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Paul Sinclair
Paul Sinclair – Director,

The company was incorporated in February 2016 as Taxlandlord Ltd and the sole director is Paul Sinclair.

The main business of the company provides tax return services to residential landlords and self-employed. The company does not provide tax return services for company accounts since it would not be cost effective due to the competitive pricing structure.

The company is registered in Halifax, West Yorkshire but all business is conducted online which significantly reduces operating costs and the savings are passed directly to the tax return clients.

The company supplies Trust Declaration documents which can substantially reduce the tax payable to HMRC and is a supporting service which is ancillary to the main tax return business. A nominal fee is charged for the Trust Declaration documents which covers the time involved supplying this service and answering specific emails from clients.

Whilst the Limited Company has been operating since 2016 Paul has been compiling and submitting tax returns for clients since 2011 which was initially on a self-employed basis.

Paul has his own rental property portfolio and therefore fully understands and appreciates that residential landlords must try and identify areas to reduce tax on rental income and ensure that all allowable expenses are claimed against that income.